Talk Nation Radio: Dahr Jamail takes us Beyond the Green Zone

Dahr reads a few paragraphs from his book Beyond the Green Zone, Dispatches from an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq. Beyond the Green Zone is published by Haymarket books and is scheduled for release this October. This is the drama behind his coverage, the stories of the Iraqi people, the truth about the dangers he and others faced when hastening to cover events in Baghdad and other cities such as Baquba and Fallujah.

In his introduction to the book Dahr writes, “There are roughly 27 million people in Iraq. Each of them has their own story about what has happened to their country during the U.S. occupation. Their stories define them, and us. They belong in our history, our memory, our perceptions about the future.” We also discuss the vast US embassy under construction in Iraq, long term U.S. policy there, and how the New York Times got it wrong about Fallujah even in their review of a London play about the Iraqi city.

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