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Sea Level Rise Projections Double, Painting Terrifying Picture for Next Generation

Published on Truthout, 2 January 2018. As California experienced one of its largest wildfires ever, future projections of global temperature increase and sea level rise are again exceeding previous worst-case scenarios. We are stepping into a world where water wars will be the new oil wars, and where major coastal cities will flood one after

University Michigan Students Pass Israel Divestment Resolution, Signaling Momentum Among Larger Schools

Published on Truthout, 29 November 2017. A campaign that began more than a decade ago has resulted in students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor passing a resolution calling for an investigation of investments with Israeli companies involved in Palestinian human rights violations. It’s a good sign against the backdrop of an overtly pro-Israel government.

Scientists Warn of “Ecological Armageddon” Amid Waves of Heat and Climate Refugees

Published on Truthout, 30 October 2017. Utqiaġvik is one of several Indigenous villages along Alaska’s north coast that have existed for thousands of years: Estimates vary, but people settled in them between 1,500 and 4,000 years ago. Now, anthropogenic climate disruption is threatening to demolish them. Less than two months after I left Utqiaġvik, residents experienced

Eight-Year Study Confirms “All Sea Life” Will Be Affected by Acidic Oceans

Published on Truthout, 25 October 2017. The recently published Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification report is an eight-year-long study by more than 250 scientists investigating the impact of increasingly acidic oceans on sea life. The chemistry of oceans has been changed by anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), as the oceans absorb carbon dioxide humans are emitting

Scientific Study Predicts Global Mass Extinction Event Possible by 2100

Published on Truthout, 28 Sep 2017. The planet has experienced five mass extinction events. The worst, the Permian Mass Extinction event 252 million years ago, annihilated more than 95 percent of all life on Earth. It coincided with a significant increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The Permian Mass Extinction is the perfect example of what