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In the Midst of Worldwide Water Scarcity, an Artist Reminds Us, “We Are Water”

Published on Truthout, 19 March 2018. As anthropogenic climate disruption and human development progress, rivers are drying up and water scarcity has become the new norm. This climate dispatch features author, poet, sculptor and installation artist Basia Irland, whose work and activism eloquently weave in the critical threads of conservation and education, along with her

The Pentagon Is Using an Environmental Law Meant to Protect Us, Against Us

Published on Truthout 20 February 2018. The National Environmental Policy Act, a law requiring federal agencies like the Department of Defense (DOD) to assess the environmental effects of proposed actions prior to implementation, has been used instead by the DOD to place millions of US citizens in harm’s way. Read the full story on Truthout.

While Trump Denies, the World Burns: The State of the Climate in 2018

Published on Truthout, 5 February 2018. 2017 was the second hottest year on record, setting the stage for unprecedented droughts, extreme rain and wildfires amid dire predictions for coastal cities, and a looming climate refugee crisis for Europe. But the Trump administration’s climate denial continues unabated even as scientists warn that human activity is now

Administration of Denial: Trump’s Shock and Awe Attack on the Environment

Published on Truthout, 16 January 2018. The administration of Donald J. Trump, starting with the president himself, is populated by deniers of human-caused climate disruption in all the key positions. For those of us concerned about runaway climate disruption, this regime, with its denial of the greatest existential threat to humanity (alongside nuclear war), has