Civilian Slaughter Update

On Tuesday, May 30 Truthout published my article “Countles My Lai Massacres in Iraq.”

Here are a couple of recent pieces of information to augment that story.

Today the AP has just released this story:

2 Iraqi women killed by coalition troops

“BAGHDAD, Iraq – Two Iraqi women were shot to death north of Baghdad after coalition forces fired on a vehicle that failed to stop at an observation post, the U.S. military said Wednesday. Iraqi police and relatives said one of the women was about to give birth.”

And on May 29, Al-Shaqiyah TV reported from Iraq:

“US forces killed five civilians and wounded two others in the city [Ramadi] today. A source at Al-Ramadi State Hospital said that among the dead were a child and a woman. An Iraqi officer in Al-Ramadi said that the US forces were beefing up their presence on the periphery of Al-Ramadi, noting that the city will soon come under siege ‘ahead of an all-out attack such as the one that targeted Al-Fallujah’ in 2004.”