Independent Intervention

An Award-winning Documentary about the US Media coverage of the war in Iraq

INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION shows how a Norwegian filmmaker in the United States questions the US media coverage of the war in Iraq. The film investigates important issues that govern today’s information flow, and looks at how this system reveals itself during times of war and political turmoil. As the major US networks remove human suffering from their presentation of war, Operation Iraqi Freedom is portrayed as a success for the spread of democracy and freedom. This film brings awareness to the disparity between the war the American people see through the corporate controlled media and the realities on the ground in Iraq. INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION explores how the growing media democracy movement in the US works to challenge the mass media.

INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION features Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Dahr Jamail, Danny Schechter, Norman Solomon, David Barsamian, Kalle Lasn, James Zogby and Jim Hightower. It also includes the voices of Howard Zinn, Michael Moore, Bill Moyers, Arundhati Roy, Jeremy Scahill, US Senators and Iraqi people.

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