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Are We Sustainable?

As the Rio+20 conference closes, radical change remains necessary, experts tell Al Jazeera. Hopeful rhetoric had preceded the Rio+20 UN Conference on sustainability. World leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, NGOs, the private sector and other groups met in an attempt to find ways to reduce poverty and increase social equity while ensuring

Ocean Systems in Peril

How a warming planet is threatening ocean cycles that fuel our atmosphere, food chain, and weather patterns. The ocean’s phytoplankton, also known as marine algae, is the planet’s most important organism. They generate at least half of the oxygen we breathe, and are a vital component in the ocean’s food chain. So when researchers find

Oceans of Pollution

Scientists and experts are alarmed at amount of plastic debris and growing ‘dead zones’ in the world’s oceans. A drumbeat of recent scientific studies emphasises an increasingly alarming convergence of crises for Earth’s oceans. The amount of plastic floating in the Pacific Gyre – a massive swirling vortex of rubbish – has increased 100-fold in