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Bombings Hit Children Hardest

BEIRUT — About 55 percent of all casualties at the Beirut Government University Hospital are children of 15 years of age or less, hospital records show. “This is worse than during the Lebanese civil war,” Bilal Masri, assistant director of the hospital, one of Beirut’s largest, told IPS Monday.

Fury Grips Syria Over Lebanon Attacks

DAMASCUS — The daily Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and the floods of refugees pouring in have set off a wave of anger through Syria. “How can people watch this destruction in Lebanon and do nothing,” Hassan Majed Ali, president of the Union of Engineers in Damascus told IPS. “What is happening in Lebanon is opposed

Lebanese Refugees Crowd Damascus

DAMASCUS — Syrian capital Damascus is being flooded with refugees. The devastation in Beirut is beginning to show in another capital. The disaster response director at the Damascus headquarters of the Red Crescent, Raed al-Tollin, told IPS that while he does not have exact figures, their shelter has been deluged with refugees since the crisis

“Open War” in the Middle East

“In my judgment, the best way to stop the violence is to understand why the violence occurred in the first place.” That one sentence (a surprisingly rare example of a complete sentence spoken by Cheney spokesman George W. Bush), taken on its own, would fully explain why the Middle East is now on the brink

Refugees Speak of Catastrophic Bombing

LEBANON-SYRIA BORDER — Refugees fleeing Beirut in the face of Israeli air attacks are speaking of “haphazard bombings” and a crisis situation developing in the city. Israeli warplanes bombed the suburbs of Beirut overnight, killing three people and wounding 55, according to Lebanese police. Residents reported at least four Israeli missile strikes early Friday morning.

Lebanese Tremors Rock Syria

DAMASCUS — Syrians are outraged over Israeli air strikes in Lebanon that have killed 53 civilians and closed down Beirut’s international airport. Early Thursday morning Israeli air strikes targeted the new Rafiq al-Hariri international airport. Israeli naval vessels entered Lebanon’s territorial waters and blocked access to ports while its forces launched an offensive in southern