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University Michigan Students Pass Israel Divestment Resolution, Signaling Momentum Among Larger Schools

Published on Truthout, 29 November 2017. A campaign that began more than a decade ago has resulted in students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor passing a resolution calling for an investigation of investments with Israeli companies involved in Palestinian human rights violations. It’s a good sign against the backdrop of an overtly pro-Israel government.

Japan Plans to Expose Its People and 2020 Tokyo Olympians to Fukushima Radiation

Published on Truthout, 17 July 2017. Former nuclear industry senior vice president Arnie Gundersen, who managed and coordinated projects at 70 US atomic power plants, is appalled at how the Japanese government is handling the Fukushima nuclear crisis. “The inhumanity of the Japanese government toward the Fukushima disaster refugees is appalling,” Gundersen, a licensed reactor operator

The GOP’s Health Care Legislation Is Cruel and Punitive, Doctors Say

Published on Truthout, 10 July 2017. As members of Congress return today after their July 4 break, they are hoping to rapidly conclude their attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The health bill overhaul, one of Trump’s consistent campaign promises, has been vexing his administration and angering the general US population. In fact, only

“Storm the Heavens”: Notes From the Weather Underground on Resistance to Trump

Published on Truthout, 17 April 2017. Decades after the Weather Underground disbanded, its members are still fighting for justice, and they have some words of wisdom for those of us engaged in today’s political struggles. Former members of the radical resistance group share their perspectives on resisting empire under the Trump regime. Read the full

The Navy’s Use of Depleted Uranium in Our Coastal Waters Threatens Humans, Wildlife

Published on Truthout, 31 October 2016. The US Navy told Truthout that the depleted uranium (DU) in its munitions is “extremely stable in sea water and pose[s] no greater threat than any other metal.” But internationally acclaimed toxicologist Mozhgan Savabieasfahani says there are reams of scientific evidence that prove otherwise. Read the full story on