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BP dispersants ‘causing sickness’

Two-year-old Gavin Tillman of Pass Christian, Mississippi, has been diagnosed with severe upper respiratory, sinus, and viral infections. His temperature has reached more than 39 degrees since September 15, yet his sicknesses continues to worsen. His parents, some doctors, and environmental consultants believe the child’s ailments are linked to exposure to chemicals spilt by BP

Despite “All Clear,” Mississippi Sound Tests Positive for Oil

Story by Dahr Jamail; Photos by Erika Blumenfeld The State of Mississippi’s Department of Marine Resources (DMR) opened all of its territorial waters to fishing on August 6. This was done in coordination with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Food and Drug Administration, despite concerns from commercial fishermen in Louisiana, Mississippi,

Fish Kills Worry Gulf Scientists, Fishers, Environmentalists

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi – Another massive fish kill, this time in Louisiana, has alarmed scientists, fishers and environmentalists who believe they are caused by oil and dispersants. On Aug. 22, St. Bernard Parish authorities reported a huge fish kill at the mouth of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. “By our estimates there were thousands –