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Explosions and Crashes: Military Aircraft Are a Threat to US Civilians

Published on Truthout, 30 April 2018. With millions of civilians living in close proximity to military bases around the US, military aircraft accidents are a largely hidden but ever-looming threat. Warplanes, which are not regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, regularly have mechanical malfunctions, and crashes are not uncommon. Read the full story on Truthout.

Thanks to Climate Disruption, Earth Is Already Losing Critical Biosphere Components

Published on Truthout, 2 April 2018. Half of all plants and animals in global forests are forecast to disappear by 2100. The Arctic is in meltdown as human-caused global warming threatens to melt more than one-third of all glaciers. And the biosphere is convulsing as runaway climate disruption marches on under the business-as-usual approach of

In the Midst of Worldwide Water Scarcity, an Artist Reminds Us, “We Are Water”

Published on Truthout, 19 March 2018. As anthropogenic climate disruption and human development progress, rivers are drying up and water scarcity has become the new norm. This climate dispatch features author, poet, sculptor and installation artist Basia Irland, whose work and activism eloquently weave in the critical threads of conservation and education, along with her

Cape Town Is About to Run Out of Water Because of Climate Disruption, but Some Are Hoping to Profit From It

Published on Truthout, 27 February 2018. Cape Town, South Africa, a city of 4 million people, could run out of water in less than 90 days. While people’s movements work together toward a “sharing” model and living closer to the Earth, the government continues to operate hierarchically, turning the crisis into an opportunity for the

The Pentagon Is Using an Environmental Law Meant to Protect Us, Against Us

Published on Truthout 20 February 2018. The National Environmental Policy Act, a law requiring federal agencies like the Department of Defense (DOD) to assess the environmental effects of proposed actions prior to implementation, has been used instead by the DOD to place millions of US citizens in harm’s way. Read the full story on Truthout.