Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan By Dahr Jamail

An award-winning, unembedded journalist tells the hidden story of American soldiers turning against military occupation.

“Dahr Jamail’s human portrait of the men and women who turned away from the project of empire should serve as a beacon…The truth they tell demands that we find the courage to make our nation accountable for the crimes committed in our name.” – From the Foreword by Chris Hedges

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DAHR JAMAIL, author of Beyond the Green Zone, brings us inside the movement of military resistance to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2006, a majority in the United States have opposed the continued occupation of Iraq, and increasing skepticism surrounds the escalation in Afghanistan. But how do the soldiers who carry out the American occupations see their missions?

Fragmented reports of battalions refusing orders, of individual soldiers refusing redeployment and taking a public stand against the occupations have trickled into the mainstream reportage over the last five years. But how deep does the current of resistance run? What makes soldiers decide to go AWOL, file for conscientious objector status, and even serve sentences in military prison for their acts of refusal?

Dahr Jamail’s comprehensive study of today’s military resisters sheds new light on the contours of dissent within the ranks of the world’s most powerful military.

Praise for Dahr Jamail and The Will to Resist:

“Every conflict spawns a handful of journalists who are willing to not only brave the war zone but to seek out the stories ignored by the press pack. The Iraq war has brought us Dahr Jamail.” – Mother Jones

“Dahr Jamail is one of very few journalists who have displayed the courage—physical, intellectual, and moral courage—to tell the truth about the invasion of Iraq. In this outstanding book, he describes the often secret resistance within the U.S. military as soldiers reclaim their humanity and, with searing honesty, offer a glimpse of how America’s wars on the world might end.” – John Pilger, award-winning independent journalist and author of Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire


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About the author

Dahr Jamail is an independent journalist who has covered the Middle East for more than five years. He is the author of Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq. He was the winner, with Mohammed Omar, of the 2008 Marth Gelhorn Prize for Journalism. He has also been awarded the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, the Joe A.Callaway Award for Civic Courage, and the Lannan Foundation Writing Residency Fellowship. Jamail writes for the Inter Press Service and many other outlets, and is a regular guest on Democracy Now!


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