Now on DVD: Falluja 2004

A film by Japanese independent journalist Toshikuni Doi

Fallujah has become a symbol of the resistance movement against the U.S. occupation of Iraq. In April 2004, the U.S. forces invaded Fallujah with several thousand soldiers. Why did Fallujah become a base of the resistance against the occupation? How did the U.S. forces attack? Who fought against them? And what damages and injuries did people suffer? Ten days after the siege of Falluja was lifted, Toshikuni Doi, a Japanese independent journalist, went into Fallujah. His documentary investigates the causes of, the conditions during, and damages from the siege. The documentary is primarily in Arabic, with English subtitles. DVD, 55 minutes.

Toshikuni Doi is a Japanese journalist who has been covering Iraq since just after the U.S. invasion.


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For a well documented, powerful film of what really occurred in Fallujah during the April, 2004 siege, this is a must see. The film begins by investigating why the resistance began in Fallujah shortly after the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. The film then accurately chronicles what occurred in Fallujah during the failed April siege. I couldn’t recommend this more highly. To get a more complete understanding of the failed occupation of Iraq, watch this film and encourage others to do the same.” -Dahr Jamail