Dahr Jamail on Talk Nation Radio (Part Two)

Dahr Jamail continues to describe some of his personal reactions to interviewing U.S. soldiers. He points out that some 1.4 million Iraqi civilians are said to have perished since the 2003 U.S. invasion. The soldiers too are victims of the U.S. Military, ‘the green machine’ Jamail says. And the Military doesn’t care any more about them than about the Iraqi people.

Part two of our series on Dahr Jamail’s 2009 Book, “The Will to Resist, Soldiers who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.” This book every would be soldier should read, exposes yet another big story about the Iraq and Afghan wars. It reveals the scale of the crisis for US service men and women who must fight in these unpopular wars, but who are exhausted, angry about the policy, or even wounded from previous deployments. There is no draft to force them, yet thousands of US military personnel are being forced to deploy and redeploy.

We hear about US Military personnel who are ’stop-lossed’ despite TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD. Dahr Jamail explains why U.S. Congress must legislate against allowing the U.S. Military to keep on treating soldiers as they have no rights.

Produced by Dori Smith, Talk Nation Radio, Storrs, CT