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Tensions Run High After Sunni Killings

Inter Press Service BEIRUT — The killings of two pro-government Sunni Muslims has raised tensions across Lebanon. Rival political leaders have called for calm amidst fear that the killings could spark civil strife. The Lebanese police found the bodies Thursday of a pro-government supporter and a 12-year-old boy abducted earlier this week. The abduction was

This Protest Won’t Go Away

Inter Press Service BEIRUT — Lebanon is caught in political gridlock in the face of sustained opposition to the U.S.-backed government. The government is refusing to give in to opposition demands for more representation. The government says it is there to stay; so do the protestors.

Tempers Rise Over Reconstruction

BINT JBAIL, Apr 23 (IPS) – Eight months after Israeli attacks left devastation across many villages in southern Lebanon, reconstruction comes with mounting anger towards both Israel and the central Lebanese government. The war which raged between Israel and Hezbollah Jul. 12 to Aug. 14 last year destroyed many villages in the south, and left

U.S. Blamed for ‘Bloody Wednesday

BAGHDAD — Iraqis blame the U.S. occupation for the failure of two parallel security plans drawn up by U.S. forces and Iraqi troops that failed dramatically with the bombings last week that killed more than 300 people in Baghdad. Under the security plans additional troops were brought to Baghdad and most city streets closed. But

Ongoing Defiance/Political Gridlock in Lebanon

Last night, 19 April, Jeff and I visited the ongoing opposition sit-in near the Lebanese Parliament. In sum, there are four main political parties which participated in a sprawling protest on December 10, 2006, probably Lebanon’s largest ever, immediately followed by the launching of a sit-in against the U.S./France/Saudi Arabia-backed government.

Basra Splits Between Warring Shias

BASRA — Oil-rich Basra in the south of Iraq is getting caught up in an increasingly more fierce battle between warring Shia groups. Basra, the second largest city in Iraq with a population of 2.6 million, is the capital city of the southern Basra province, and Iraq’s main port. The largest explored oil reserves in