Month: November 2005

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Triumph of the Beast

by Zen Toro The torture of Iraqi detainees by US military forces is undeniable. We now know the Bush administration condoned torture even before Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched upon Afghanistan and Iraq, in this post-9/11 hysteria of terrorist infiltration on American soil. —– EXTENDED BODY: Congressman Marty Meehan (D-MA), a

Hospitals Come Under Siege

RAMADI, Nov 29 (IPS) – Hospital personnel are reporting regular raids and interference by the U.S. military as fighting continues in the volatile Al-Anbar province of Iraq. The U.S. raids come as the hospitals face increasing lack of vital supplies and equipment. Two hospitals in Ramadi, about 110 km west of capital Baghdad on the

Life Goes On in Fallujah’s Rubble

SAN FRANCISCO, California — A year after the U.S.-led “Operation Phantom Fury” damaged or destroyed 36,000 homes, 60 schools and 65 mosques in Fallujah, Iraq, residents inside the city continue to suffer from lack of compensation, slow reconstruction and high rates of illness. The Study Centre for Human Rights and Democracy based in Fallujah (SCHRD)

The Advocate

by Andrew Stromotich On September 29, 2005, shortly after 8 p.m., Amal Kadhum Swadi, and her youngest son Safa were arrested by U.S. forces in the Ghazaliya district of Baghdad on suspicion of planting an improvised explosive device. —– EXTENDED BODY: They were just leaving their Baghdad home with other family members, and had opened

Operation “Steel Curtain”

There is a huge US military operation once again targeting the Al-Qa’im area of Iraq, this one named “Steel Curtain.” As tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the massacre in Fallujah, the US military pushes on with house to house fighting in the small down of Husaybah, near Al-Qa’im. According to